Tamim Tarin

Shaykh Tamim Tarin was born on November the 27th 1988 in Fremont, CA. He is the eldest of four boys. He grew up in Fremont, CA. He studied at Modesto College, after which he set out to pursue the study of sacred knowledge. He engaged in a rigorous curriculum of religious knowledge, studying under some of the foremost Islamic scholars of North America, South Africa and South Asia. Some of his teachers to mention, Shaykh ul Hadith Haroon Abbas Umar of South Africa, Mufti Rafiq Ahmad of Bangladesh and many more. His studies resulted in numerous authorizations (Ijazahs) in the Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Hadith, ‘Aqidah, Tafsir, Usul, Arabic grammar and various other sciences. In addition to this, upon completion of the Darse Nizami curriculum in a traditional seminary, he was granted a degree and a formal authorization (Ijazah) in the six major books of Hadith from his teachers. Shaykh Tamim Tarin teaches Quran classes, Fiqh classes and is Khatib at many local Masajid. Shaykh Tamim Tarin currently resides with his family in Hayward, CA

Shaykh Tamim Tarin is lead Quran teacher on Sunday School, Weekdays School, and Friday Night Youth Halaqah.

Phone Numbers: (209) 622-8755 (Text/Voice)
Email: TamimTarin@yahoo.com