Quran & Science Presentation

Quran and Science Flyer

Presenter: Abdul Hye, PhD

– PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Windsor, Canada. Living in Houston since 1981. He has over 28 years of aerospace experience for NASA – Johnson Space Center on Space Station, Space Shuttle, and Spacelab. He has written many Technical papers and has one US patent.
– Written 20 books on Islam, Daw’ah, and comparative religion.
– Recently translated easy Qur’an for everyone – Muslim, non-Muslim, children, hotel, motel, church, hospital, politicians, etc. Pentagon uses this Qur’an. Now it is also available in Spanish and French.
– Has developed 30 PowerPoint presentations on Daw’ah, Islam, comparative religion. Presented to over 160 cities of USA, Canada, overseas – Masjids, churches, Universities.
– Recently visited Bahrain at the invitation of the Prime Minister/King to present to community, School, and University. Also presented at Saudi Arabia.
– The Comparative religion presentation is being used globally by Muslims to interact with other faiths. Books, CDs and DVDs are being used in jail,
hospital, masjid, library, etc.
– Supply books, Quran, CD/DVD, prayer rugs, etc. to Jail Muslims across US.
– Website www.finalrevelation.net