“Emotional Well Being in Islam”

Speaker Heba el-Haddad M.S., PSY.D. Candidate

Get tips on how to nurture your emotional health and wellness to improve your relationships with family and friends.Based on Islamic history and faith , our speaker Heba el-Haddad will be giving you an islamic perspective on maintaining emotional health.

F R IDA Y, FE B RUA R Y 2 2nd 2019




New community center plan and discussion

The Islamic Center of Livermore will hold a meeting at its location to discuss the new community center and our future direction.

Based on this discussion we will hold a general assembly and a vote (date will be announced accordingly) in the upcoming weeks.

Please join us this Wednesday May 9th at 7PM.

Quran Khatm and Family Night

This Friday, March 30th, at 7PM we will have a community potluck dinner at ICL. Please join your community and bring a dish to share. We will also make a dua to find a new ICL Masjid for Livermore community.

Quran & Science Presentation

Quran and Science Flyer

Presenter: Abdul Hye, PhD

– PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Windsor, Canada. Living in Houston since 1981. He has over 28 years of aerospace experience for NASA – Johnson Space Center on Space Station, Space Shuttle, and Spacelab. He has written many Technical papers and has one US patent.
– Written 20 books on Islam, Daw’ah, and comparative religion.
– Recently translated easy Qur’an for everyone – Muslim, non-Muslim, children, hotel, motel, church, hospital, politicians, etc. Pentagon uses this Qur’an. Now it is also available in Spanish and French.
– Has developed 30 PowerPoint presentations on Daw’ah, Islam, comparative religion. Presented to over 160 cities of USA, Canada, overseas – Masjids, churches, Universities.
– Recently visited Bahrain at the invitation of the Prime Minister/King to present to community, School, and University. Also presented at Saudi Arabia.
– The Comparative religion presentation is being used globally by Muslims to interact with other faiths. Books, CDs and DVDs are being used in jail,
hospital, masjid, library, etc.
– Supply books, Quran, CD/DVD, prayer rugs, etc. to Jail Muslims across US.
– Website www.finalrevelation.net

Eid Adha Mubarak 1438

In Sha Allah, Eid AlAdha this year will be on Friday September 1st 2017. May Allah accept your good deeds.

We will have two Eid Prayers this year at ICL:

  • 1st: Takbir at 7:00AM, Eid Prayer at 7:30AM followed by Khutba by Hafith Abdul Rahman
  • 2nd: Takbir at 8:30AM, Eid Prayer at 9:00AM followed by Khutba by Shaykh Shadman Ahmed

For Udhiya/Qurbani please call or text ICL @ (925) 315-7402

Eid Al Fitr Picnic 1438

Join us this Sunday July 9th @ May Nissen Community Park around noon for delicious Kabobs and Barbecue! Please call/text (925) 315-7402 to inform us how many people are planning to join. This will help us bring enough food for everyone. Invite and let your friends and family know about this event.

We plan on bringing a donation box to help cover some of the cost of the picnic. You could also use PayPal or PaySimple to donate any amount.

Eid Fitr Mubarak 1438

Eid Muabrak!

According to Ummulqura, the moon has been sighted. In Sha Allah, Eid will be tomorrow Sunday June 25th. Takbir will start at 8:30AM followed Salat Al Eid and Khutba at 9AM. Please join us tomorrow at ICL, our Eid Khatib is Imam Ibarahim Rahim.

May Allah accept all your good deeds.

End of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr 1438

In Sha Allah, Eid will be either on Sunday or Monday.

If Eid is on Sunday, Takbeer will start at 8:30 AM at ICL, followed by prayers 9:00AM then Khutba.
If Eid is on Monday, Takbeer will start at 8:00 AM at ICL, followed by prayers 8:30AM then Khutba.

Our Khatib will be Imam Rahim.

You can use PayPal or PaySimple to pay your Zakat Al Fitr. We give it out to Rahimah Foundation and they distribute it as gift cards to the needy.

Quran Khatm is scheduled to occur on Friday June 23rd, which coincides with the 29th night of Ramadan 1438.

Join potluck Iftar on Friday June 23rd Maghrib time. Please bring a dish to share with your fellow brothers and sisters.