Quran & Science Presentation

Quran and Science Flyer

Presenter: Abdul Hye, PhD

– PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Windsor, Canada. Living in Houston since 1981. He has over 28 years of aerospace experience for NASA – Johnson Space Center on Space Station, Space Shuttle, and Spacelab. He has written many Technical papers and has one US patent.
– Written 20 books on Islam, Daw’ah, and comparative religion.
– Recently translated easy Qur’an for everyone – Muslim, non-Muslim, children, hotel, motel, church, hospital, politicians, etc. Pentagon uses this Qur’an. Now it is also available in Spanish and French.
– Has developed 30 PowerPoint presentations on Daw’ah, Islam, comparative religion. Presented to over 160 cities of USA, Canada, overseas – Masjids, churches, Universities.
– Recently visited Bahrain at the invitation of the Prime Minister/King to present to community, School, and University. Also presented at Saudi Arabia.
– The Comparative religion presentation is being used globally by Muslims to interact with other faiths. Books, CDs and DVDs are being used in jail,
hospital, masjid, library, etc.
– Supply books, Quran, CD/DVD, prayer rugs, etc. to Jail Muslims across US.
– Website www.finalrevelation.net

Sunday School Registration Open for Fall 2016

We are now accepting applications for Sunday School. Please see the designated page for more information and forms.

To register fill out and sign the two forms along with the fees and bring them during Friday Prayers (Aug 26th or Sep 2nd), you can also call Call/Text (925) 315-7402 to setup a drop off time that suits you.

The first day of school is going to be on Sep 4th 2016.